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Poem - Sorry, but...

Sorry...  but…

I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean it.
But that’s how it came out.
I’m sorry
That you reacted that way
And I’m sorry
You escalated matters.

I’m sorry
That I left you out.
I’m sorry
I didn’t respond the way you wanted me to.
I’m sorry
It brought on your depression
And I’m sorry
That I kept up my spirits.

I’m sorry
That you allowed it to take over your life
Because it didn’t take over mine.
Perhaps you should take some responsibility for your reactions
Because I can’t say sorry for that.


I don't know about you, but I hate it when people say Sorry but.... It negates the apology. If you're going to say But..., don't bother apologising in the first place. 

Maybe that's just me.

Coming in early December, 
something a little different and perhaps a bit special,
a short film I made in 2004, the 17 minute convict drama, Irons.
It's a period piece, set in New South Wales in 1826.
I'm adding a few new audio elements that we didn't have the luxury of at the time.
But it's the same film that played in several International Film Festivals.
I'll hope you'll stick around for it. It was almost a year out of my life and
cost five years of savings. (Probably the reason why I haven't made another since).

Until next week,