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Poem - Alone Not Home

Alone not Home

I want to go home
Except I don’t know where home is
I live in a place I do not like
With people I do not know
Who think they know me.
I fumble my way through a job I have no interest in
And a relationship that’s not interesting.
I thought I had a chance at something
But I have missed everything.
I am no good at pretence
With no desire to try and impress
All I seek is the Truth
In a world I perceive to be false.
I wish people could be more honest
And yet knowing that a wish is mere fantasy
I must be deceiving myself.
If truth is at the heart of the every matter
And home is where the heart is
Why is home so elusive?

(The top painting is by William Adolphe Bouguereau - The Broken Pitcher - 1891. Photograph-unknown.)

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