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Is the End of Life really coming?

Hi. I hope you're doing okay. This is a cheerful ditty written during the Pandemic. 

The End is a’comin


Do you get that feeling

The sense of impending doom?

There's always a reason

Today it's Climate Change

Yesterday it was Nuclear War


World War Two

And One



Marauding invaders

And so back

To earliest recorded time

Most had more reason

To fear the near future

Than us.


It's integral to the human experience

Because the End is Nigh

For us all

And we don't know how to

Deal with it

Hence why religion

Grips the world

Two-third’s strong

In spite of scientific certainties

Versus Santa Claus fantasies

The power of the Group

The Masses

Suffocates all sense

And always has.


So beware friends

For The End is a’comin

But just maybe

If we can Save the Earth

We can save ourselves.



I hope you took something from this. By the time I post these, I've forgotten what prompted me to write it. It was Covid times so perhaps the sense of 'final times' was on my mind, as it was for many.

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Take care for now.



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  1. Yeah, the end is always comin. What can we do but enjoy life while we can, right?


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