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Sin Bin - (warning - contains naughty words)

(contains naughty words. If easily offended, please read on).

I came across this in a folder from 2013. As to its content, it's not meant to be taken literally as coming from me. It's a satire. A character who gets sent to the Sin Bin (A rugby punishment) for bad behaviour. 

Down with Purgatory (I’m in the Sin Bin – and I like it).

You can dictate the rules
But I don’t play that game
I don’t want to be a part of your nanny state
Pay for your mistakes
You welfare sucking cunt
Suffer and fail
Expect the world to bail you out
White trash blow in boat louts
I focus on what makes me smile
I won’t swallow your bullshit
But I regurgitate your bile.                               

I don’t donate
I earned that mate
I’m taxed enough
Don’t build your friggin’ shack in the rough
Of a typhoon hunting ground
You got rammed in the mound
Like Darwin declared
We need to eradicate
Jaundiced gene inbred
I butter my own bread
And I’ll take out my trash
If the government does the same.

We put you there
You lame incompetent fucks
Anyone can wear a suit and a tie
Jesus, I will cum in your eye
Without so much as an ear tickle
Oh the world’s in a pickle
So they always say
But I’ll keep on getting my way
Because I’m completely fine
Without any divine
From any brain drenched 
Piss ants.

Now I’ll take my leave
Without a skerrick of a fuck
Of what you believe
So dream your butterfly dream
I’ll thaw your arse Ice Queen
And make you hot for daddy.

Haha what the hell was going on that day?
In any regard, something a bit different. 

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