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It’s inside you - Real or not

How are you doing?

Here is an oldie from 2011.

It's not in a book. Not sure if it's been online before.


A Little can be too Much

Anthony J. Langford


You think you might feel it ‘in the air’

But it’s inside you

A part of your intuition

Your senses vigilant


On all that you connect with.

Though it may originate in your conscious

Your entire body bristles

Flesh and stars interlaced

You understand the universe

An affinity

A prior calling

Some may define this as destiny

But you know it’s more

A merging of the world and you

The way it should be.


Yet it’s also ominous

What if it doesn’t last?

And you’re back to where you were before

Stumbling in convoluted circles

Without knowing it.

Yet, you are aware of the drifting

It can never be how it was

Because a little knowledge can be a bad thing.

And if it were to all disappear

You are still left with something

Because while they say it’s better to have lost

Than the other thing,

You’re not convinced.

Ignorance is indeed contentment.

And the very thing that arms you

Also makes you vulnerable.

So you go forward with diligence

As it is impossible to go back.

This is the way it should be

Even if it is drenched with the

Fear of the Known.



Contentment by Maxfield Parrish 1927

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