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Life can surprise you and I certainly found that in a big way


Almost eleven months ago, something crazy happened to me. It's quite personal. I may regret posting this but my heart is on my sleeve. Read on at your own risk.

The poem tells the story. Written eight months ago.

The Reignition


It’s an obvious point

It still needs

To be said.


She makes me feel young

Reminds me of what

It was like

And how fresh and open

And naive

I must have been.


That impulsiveness

Living in the moment

The lack of plans

Mostly looking forward

Not back

The excitement of new love

The obsession with the other

The ecstasy of sex

And lots of it.


Something new

Not previously lived

Not merely another experience

Measured against the previous one.


And yet,

It must also be said

That I cannot pretend

That I am not middle aged

And feel frustrations

In certain behaviours

That only exist

In the early stages of adulthood.


I must exercise tolerance

Refrain from condemnation

Or to proffer advice

And simply be in the moment too.


It’s almost like being

In a three-way relationship

The third being me

My younger self

How would he react?

Did he do things like this?


He’s watching too

And whispering

And laughing

Out of my mouth

The young man

Given voice once more

After being silenced

For decades.


Or is he the actual one

Honouring me

With the breath of life?

Thought retreated

Aged to oblivion.


There’s a spring in the step

A glint in the eye

A smoothing over

Of entrenched social graces

A flight in the laughter

An alluring joy

That I surely

Have no right to.


And yet,

Here I am

Living it




5.8.22 5.35 pm

I wasn't seeking younger, though she was seeking older. (And no I'm not wealthy). It is what it is. As I said, a surprise. I'm sure not everyone agrees with it but the only people we have to make happy is each other. Most have actually been great.

As to how long it lasts, who knows? Same as any other relationship. A day at a time. Almost a year in, it's working just fine. 

How will you be when you're old? Sitting on a porch? 

Posted this recently. If you haven't seen it, watch on YouTube HERE

Coming next week,

I wrote a movie!

My unproduced feature length screenplay, Travel Bug, based on some of my travels when I was young. Written in 2005. It's fun and more than a bit crazy. 

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