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Love - The story of our lives. Us & Them


How are you doing?

Have you had a broken heart?

This is one of the poems from my new book, the story/poetry collection, Us & Them. Based, like much of this book, on a true story.

Land-crossed Lovers


Everyone has a broken heart

Once in a lifetime

Don’t they?

When you’re young

When you go through it

It feels like death

And it does, indeed, claim some.


Shakespeare knew of teen pain

When he wrote his tragic love story

I was twenty-three

And no more mature

Than those star-crossed lovers.


We had crossed continents

To be together

Though sometimes there are bigger divisions

Than land

She was far too damaged

And I was far too young

To know how to make it work


Unable to cling to our own

Failing connection.


She had to find her own way through

And I was left languishing

Without ever finding out why.


Such is young love

Mostly lost to misunderstandings

And unchecked emotions

Lost, to the story of our lives.

Written years ago based on a relationship I had in my early twenties.

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I'm sure you have your own story. I'd love to hear it! We all have our heart broken at least once don't we? Perhaps if we're lucky. It's a privilege to have had it, and to feel the highs and lows of life. A life without passion is a life not fully lived.

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