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From a father to his toddler - And a Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

I'd planned to post this early in 2022. I didn't. She's 12 now. Those childlike days are already gone. Still young but the innocence is over.

I found this poem recently from 2012. When Tilly was about one turning two. A decade ago. Reading it now, I'd forgotten all about these routines, hence proving why it was so important to write it down.

It was marked, not to be published. I've decided to share it after all.

early 2012



It’s as the name implies

I could say little else

Yet will give you a peek

Into a special place

A room with a closed door

With routines of two

A one

Who is two

The other

Significantly older.

Their time is brief


Yet, as special as it can get

Father and daughter

Yet also

Like a couple of mates

Telling stories

And singing songs

Except one of the mates has a bottle.


She likes the stories

As it’s never quite the same

For each telling

Though the familiar relaxes her

As I rarely read the text

But create my own version

Whatever it takes

To keep her entertained

Yet calm

And happy.


The books go down

I fire up the night light

And the main light goes off

I lay next to her

In the near dark

While she finishes her bottle

And I sing lullabies

From centuries past

And Beatles songs

And she hums along with me.


This is the most simplest of times

And holistic

And pure

And though it’s almost nightly

A routine

I know that it exists with an end date

As who knows

Where I’ll be in future

Or how she will be

With me

As teenage times

Are meant to be trying

But I would like you

And especially her

To know

That there’s nothing

More spiritually wholesome

And meaningful

Than those quiet moments.


She finishes the bottle

I scoop her up

Cuddle her

Kiss her

Make her laugh

And ease her into the cot

Goodnight darlin

See you in the morning.

She is content

But not more than I.


Love you.



Late 2012

10 years on - early 2022

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Finally, here's a little message from the Aussie Santa.

Peace with you my friend

Merry Christmas


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