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Newly discovered - Behind the scenes - Born in a Storm.

    Joanna Hanley as Christine



Short film

Born in a Storm - 1994

I recently showed this film to a young friend. She found it a little confronting but thought it was good. (Trigger warning for sexual abuse-self harm).

This is the 2017 re-edit (only slight changes), with some different music/audio that is superior to the original. I was never happy with the original but the new edit and some distance has made me feel better about it.

You can watch it HERE along with some of my other short films.

Original VHS cover

Reflections - Behind the scenes

I had not seen this video for more than twenty years. Surviving copies are only on VHS. I found the original Betacam SP Master and had it transferred. The full video is 20mins but have decided to only make this 5 minute section public.

Still a good insight into the making of the film.

Hope you enjoy it. The film itself is further below. 


My old car 'converted' for this scene by Ron Sidebottom

Original film below.

Vimeo Showcase with most of my Short Films HERE

Born in a Storm


2004 (re-edit 2011)

Reality Unfastened 1992

Wilderworld 1988

See you next week?

I hope so.



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