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New Book Cover Revealed - Us & Them and the things in-between

Cover Reveal 

A book about connection and the ongoing search for it.


What do you think? It's hand-drawn.

I gave the designer an idea of what it was about and the title and that I would be dedicating it to my dear friend Sally. I then gave her an open policy to create whatever she wished. Risky perhaps but she had done the previous covers for Perve and Lone Wolf World so I was sure she could do something worthwhile.

It cost a lot more than previous covers. Was it worth it?

The rear cover says; 


There’s friends and family and then there’s the greater world. Them. Are we really all that different? Aren’t we all struggling to find meaning and connection amongst the chaos?


An eclectic mix of stories and poems, many based on real situations and people. All are dripping with truth and feeling.


The stories include a man who experiences a flood of memories after the loss of his partner.

A dramatic stand-off between the German army and villagers during World War Two.

A mother and daughter’s life changing meeting.

A first-hand account of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

An eight-year-old performs her original song for a most unique audience, for all the wrong reasons.

The messiest eater in the world.

A woman recalls her dramatic life on the streets.

A unique non-encounter with a single person among the thousands on the busy streets of New York City.

An ex-Reality TV contestant seeks revenge and more.


From the author of Lone Wolf World

Out Soon

I really hope you'll share with me this wonderful new collection of stories and poems. It's what we all need right now.

Make for an excellent gift.

Trailer coming soon.



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