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Was it love, or something else? Us & Them - The 'Banned' poem


Hey there,

How you are you going this week? 

Two months until the release of a great new book with a rich mix of content.

Us & Them and the things in-between - an upcoming collection of stories and poems on connection and our ongoing search to find it. 

This poem was selected to be in the final book, but it wasn't until I was compiling the running order that I realised that it could be construed that it was about my ex-partner Sally, or any other ex. It isn't. It's a hypothetical. 

But many, if not all, of the poems in it are based on real people and situations, so I eliminated it to avoid confusion. The book is dedicated to Sally after all.

I like the poem. Sadly, it had to go. You may be able to relate to it however. I'm sure plenty can. 

Us & Them is out soon.

Wishless thinking



The heart burns with longing

They say

Yet, I know

It’s the lunchtime chilli.


I’m getting older

I suppose

And it’s oh so dull

Yet I miss you

Want you with me

Or at least

To see you once more

But do not try to imagine

What you’re up to

As that escalates the suffering.


It’s better to picture your smiling face

As I remember it


As I recall

You had a fierce temper

And were oft depressed

Which coalesced

Into many dreams

Deposited on my doorstop              

Ugly and spitting bile

Into my face

And putrefying

My once colourful and plentiful basket.


It’s only distance

And more prominently

Length of days

That has lessened your

At once sweet

And poisonous touch.


So, perhaps it is your physical attributes

I miss most           

Though I was so fresh then

That any caress

Was a firework parade.


Now that I’ve thought about it

I don’t miss you at all.



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