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(His third leg). The One that got away - A true story



Something a little more lighthearted after the past two serious posts.

This is a little naughty and a lot true.

Some missed the point 

(Not I)


I was at work

Minding my own business

As no one likes it

When I try to mind theirs

When an email pops up with a ping

Like a disappointing Christmas present

Advising to remove the full frontal nudity

From the Aussie rules footy game

That had just gone to air live.

Replays were my arena

So I checked out the shot

Of the player strolling into the change rooms

Dropping his pants

Directly in front of the overhead, unmanned camera

And having a good old feel around.


Now I don’t know

If he’d been working it up

On the way to the rooms

Or that football

Wasn’t his only talent.


Perhaps the commentator

Knew more than he let on

As he preceded the exclusive reveal

To the second

With the words

‘Stay with us and we’ll

Get right down to the action.’


But perfect timing all the same.

A mighty fine piece of entertainment

Which I thought was the point of television

What a shame to edit out

The highlight of the year.

'That's a bit stiff. I'd yellow card that.'

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