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The Hopeless Romantic - An audio / video story


A True Story

A man journeys on foot into the Australian Bush on a unfamiliar track towards a cliff of the Blue Mountains. He recalls his past loves, the failures, the successes and the ones that were never to be. You can relate to this.

Based on a real journey. 

The Video contains footage from the actual day. Think of it as a Video Diary told slightly afterwards. 90-95% + of all content is real. 

The Hopeless Romantic

Written and Narrated by Anthony J. Langford

Caitlan played by Elise Kolman

My Photo of the actual Bush Walk featured in the story.

YouTube Version

The Trek

Download the PDF version HERE

I'll not post next week to hopefully give you time to listen/watch. It's very different from Lone Wolf World. 

I hope you enjoy it.  It's all quite personal and a bit embarrassing to put it out there like this. Please let me know what you think. Especially the end.

Here is a music video from the footage shot that day. It's from an excellent song from Middle Kids,  an Australian band. Watching the video prior won't spoil the story. (The image you can see right there is the exact location where the climax occurs).

I hope you enjoy it. 

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