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How to write a Novel - Video Interview - Social Media, Loneliness, Self Doubt and more

How was Lone Wolf World written?

How does it relate to Social Media, the Media, Isolation, Loneliness, Miscommunication, Self Doubt and more?

The Video Version of The Write Way Interview....

Samuel Elliott interviews Anthony J. Langford

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  1. Bugger, I wrote a reasonably long response and google decided I was not logged in and I lost it. Let's see if I can remember what I said. I finally got around to listening to the whole interview. I found it very interesting. Surprised to find out you are a bit of a luddite and write on paper. On location of the novel, I had a mixture of Melboure, Sydney and Brisbane in mind. Brisbane especially for the desolate area around the old house with the grenade in it. The shopping centre reminded me of Chadstone on his second trip to it. On social media dividing us, during my Internet Communications BA I was constantly reminded and talked about how social media algorithms were forcing us into bubbles. I am watching the Social Dilemma on Netflix at the moment and it brings home the fact that social cohension is dead due to social media and people living in world's of completely different facts. Media like Fox News doesn't help either. Lone Wolf World is a very good novel.

  2. Thank you for listening and commenting Graham. And especially for reading Lone Wolf World.
    I just read an interview last night with DBC Pierre and he made comments last year about the net and social media which is on the same wavelength. Everyone all walking around with pockets of ideology, disparate and alone. Essentially in a different plane. Left and Right Medias both pander to their audiences. Neither give a full account. And many online media groups doing the same thing. Interesting. We will be seeing more of this type of thing I think, and it won't be religion based, (though possible of course).
    Good to hear you saw your own view of where he was at. That was the idea. To keep it neutral.

  3. Interesting you should meniton DBC Pierre - I got his novel Dopamine City for Christmas, which I think from memory is all about social media. Loved his novel Vernon God Little - about a teenager accused of being a perpetrator of a high school masacare.

    1. Awesome. Be interested in your opinion of it. I just finished his 2nd novel, Ludmila's Broken English, which is why I looked him up. Didn't love it but recognise and appreciate his unique style. I just bought Dopamine City today. Sounds right up my alley.


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