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The Bland and the Blind

Honour their Greatness

Artwork by Vladimir Pavlovic ( C.2011

Happy 2021,

Let's hope for a better year for all! 

As I begin another year observing original voices who struggle to find an audience while the bland and the copycats continue to find publication and success, I present to you a poem I wrote a few years ago.

Standing on shoulders

Bryon and Bukowksi
Keats and Yeats
Dickens and Dickenson
Imagine if those
Giants on whom
We relate
Paraphrase and Quote
Study and Share
‘Find what is lost’
‘Look to your local’
Allow emergence
Of the lives amongst the trees
The stories lived beneath your feet
And remove your ears and eyes
From within your corpulent cheeks of arse'.

Dedicated to those who celebrate the 'tried and proven'
without investigating/exploring the alternate or now, for themselves.
(Whether in art, or in anything else in life).

Coming this year. 
The Audio Version of my story/novella, The Hopeless Romantic.
It's approx. 80mins long! 

A man reflects on all of the relationships in his past as he journeys into the Australian Bush.
Based on real events

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