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2018 Best New Talent - Short and Sweet Festival Sydney
2014 Pushcart Prize nominee. (more)


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These two read it and you won't believe what they said...


The Rear Cover Blurbs

This bravely ambitious novel is like a modern ‘American Psycho’. A triumphant literary work exploring tragic and often inhumanly-human consequences. Highly intelligent and socially inappropriate, Langford’s nameless, misanthropic narrator is an arrogant, rebellious loner, who sees the world around him through a dark, dystopian lens. The new modern condition. Heartbreaking, complex and masterful.  – Dominic Kirwan, Poet, Author.


Langford’s protagonist, a cynical anti-hero, manages to make Chuck Palahniuk look like a motivational speaker. There are so many quotable barbs and brutal, uncensored observations that you could easily use Lone Wolf World as the basis of a side-splitting book of insults. But beneath this merciless surface, there is something deeply raw and honest at work. Langford proves that he has a tongue even Oscar Wilde would have described as "sharp". This is a bloody good read. – Pete Malicki – Author, Playwright.

There is no place lonelier than the inner city. No place more fitting to make observations on the fallibility of human beings and the easiest to design their downfall. Ideology isn’t his motivation. He hates everyone, equally. His voice is unique. And he will be heard.


‘Some soldiers say that War is the only reality that made them feel alive. Feasibly they didn’t want it, but they got it. They can never go back. Neither can I.’

Lone Wolf World

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