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Street Scapes - Sydney 2018

I began taking photos with my phone of street-scapes in 2018, inspired by the obscure photographer, Vivian Maier (see my post on her), who took random street shots in the 1950's with no one realising she was taking a shot and no one seeing any of her photos until long after she had died.

Similar concept. It may look ordinary now but what it may look like to people in 50 years time?  The aim was to reach 100. I put this video together not long after. I can't recall how many of the 100 made it in.
Hope you enjoy it. A little snapshot in time. Pre-Corona.

Featuring Inner Sydney including Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, the City, Circular Quay, Ashfield, Summer Hill, Burwood, Dulwich Hill and more.

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  1. Certainly rains in Sydney. I lived in Sydney from about 1993 to 1998, so I was looking for familiar sites. It did not strike me as familiar until the pictures of terrace houses, they could have been next door to one I lived in in Moorepark Road in Paddington, not far from the huge Centennial Park and not far from Taylor's Square in Darlinghurst. Different montage than the usual that would have included the beaches. I lived in Manly, Bronte and Tamaramma for a while too - used to get up in the morning before work and walk down to Bronte Beach, coming back up the hill got the lungs going.


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