Poor Me. Poor Us.

With the release of this year's story about refugees, (in part) I offer up this poem, which was written in late 2018.
I think it speaks for itself.

Spotlight to me

Welcome to the reinforced
Of a suburban/urban lifestyle
With its exaggerated persecutions
And its trivial transgressions
Its play-acting martyrdom
And back strapping faux symbolisms.

Mirroring a supposed horror
Which few can relate
Or respect the depths
Of its true origins.

Justify thy existence
Thy lightweight complaints
Made heavy via exaggeration
The ‘Much ado about nothing’ moans
Hollow tantrums and cat ‘o’ nine tails

Yeah, I’ll cry too
And make no change
As the currency of pity
Yields more gravitas than responsibility.

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  1. You just have to pray, you don't need to actually do anything. ;)


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