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Audio Story - Cycle of Poverty

My first Audio Story

The Loop

5 minutes

Feedback appreciated. I might do more of these if people want them.

Listen here on  Soundcloud or watch below..

Please Share if you are able. Thank you!

From the story collection, Pseudo Stars, available here with other books also available signed from the author.


  1. Very professionally sounding. Liked the explanation at the end. A metaphor for the cycle or loop of poverty. Hmmm. Often wonder if I either miss the point or totally misinterpret stories, but as they say, the author is dead, and any meaning given to a story is in the brain of its reader.

    1. Thank you for taking the time out Graham. I always think the story or poem should be open for the reader to interpret any way they see fit, so perhaps I shouldn't do the explanation, rather just a little background.
      I'm happy with it too. A good microphone helps.
      Cheers mate


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