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Desecration - For the Christchurch Victims


Poem for the Christchurch Victims



There’s a madness
In the barrel bottom
Dross left behind
A stinking mislaid residue
Of what was once good.

It’s volume tiny
Yet septic
Enough to stain
Permanently through malignity
Despite its ultimate insignificance
Not a tragedy
But a calculated depravity.

Delicate souls
Merely seeking solace
From everyday woes  
And the types of him
Sanctuary not enough
To protect from the ideologies
Of the wanton blind.

We empathise
With their suffering
But cannot share it
And hope that we never have to
That hope that was theirs,
That most brutal theft
Never to be retrieved.


  1. I feel your sadness in your words Anthony. Such a horrible tragedy. This is a sad and beautiful tribute!


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