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The Hopeless Romantic - A true story plus Video

The Hopeless Romantic

A man journeys through the wild bush, contemplating his life and his lost loves.
Based on a real walk, with reflections on actual people and events. Autobiographical.

My photograph - Wild bush in the Blue Mountains

While I took this walk in a fairly wild area (no tourist trail), I took video and photographs. I have incorporated all of them into this project. It didn't start off as a project. It developed into one. The walk, the journey, the emotions, all came first. It's quite personal. I hope it has some meaning for you as it obviously did for me.

The story was written very soon after and the video I finally put together recently.

You can watch the video first or story first. Any order you like. I do recommend both for full understanding.

(Update: A video and soundcloud version is now available. See website).

You can download the story for free here / or watch the video version

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