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A poem accepted - plus one for you... 'To regret or not to'

Hi there,

I recently had a poem accepted into an anthology with the theme of Wild.  

It will be published in a book. 

I will appear alongside of Dominic Kirwan, whose poetry is unique. A very talented person.

Aside from this, I stopped submitting my poetry quite a while ago. I reached about fifty credits (publications) and thought that will do for now. It's very time consuming and there are other more important things to concentrate on. Besides, it's 95% rejection and after awhile, it just isn't that good for the soul.

Yet it's always great to be published, so I'm pretty happy with this one. I'll link to it when it's up for you poetry buffs (wherever you are.) 

Here's a little one for you.

Foggy (not rose coloured) glasses

We make our choices

Too many to rationalise

Some through logic

Most in gut

Consequences unforeseen

Yet ensuring delivery

Giving rise to fractured histories

And if honest

More than a little regret.

Not so honest

What do you feel when you read that poem?
Try reading it again.


Now... over to you.

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  1. Yes, more than a little (regret). I agree.
    Like this honest poem.
    You and Dominic have similar styles, my friend.
    A great week to ya.

    1. Yes, perhaps we're rubbing off on each, so to speak.
      Thanks Robyn. Hope youre well.

  2. Sometimes a great deal of regret.
    This is good one Anthony. It would apply to most people if they were honest.


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