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Happy memes - Positive Creations + Feel Good Videos

Hi friend,

Here are two new memes I made in the past few days. 
Please feel free to copy and share.
I think it's a worthwhile message.

This last one Creation, is from a series I created last year called The Feel Good Ten.   You can download/read all ten in one pdf right here

(2022 Update - They are now all Videos - Here is the Playlist)

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  1. Yes, Paradise is always here. Very nice sentiment, my friend.
    Have a great week. xo

  2. Is there anything you aren't good at Anthony?
    Somebody smart once said that creative people tend to be creative at whatever they do.
    That is you!

    1. That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me Pat. One of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me!
      Thank you. It's true I guess. I tackle parenting the same way.
      I appreciate that, very much.
      Cheers Pat.


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