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Forever Only


How are you?

With the terrible situation in Las Vegas, we all need to be a little nicer to each other, 
and ourselves, while we can. We lost Tom Petty too this week. He left us some great tunes.

Me? I've struggled this week. My anxiety gets the better of me at times.
Trying to push on. I've been better and will again.
I hope you're well my friend.
Here's a lil poem.


Forever Only

Sore loser
Sore point
Lost Tribe
Lost Soul

Saving Grace
Saving Face
Enemy Close
Enemy Mine
Not Now
Not Tomorrow
Forget the Deed
Forget the Promise
Cut off your nose
Cut your ties

Someone to remind you
Someone best forgotten
Not out of your perception
Out of your control

The more you investigate
The further the answer eludes

No possessions
But the moment

Only and Forever.

1 comment:

  1. It's like a stream of consciousness meets word play meets profound introspection.
    Nicely done, my friend.
    PS I'm back, visiting a few of my besties before I post (which will be soon).


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