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What sort of stories can I expect to find in Pseudo Stars?

Great question. Glad you asked.

So here's a rough breakdown of a few.
There are approx. 21 stories. (Not finalised yet) Most are short.

Story Summary

Fabulous Flaw Finding  Phil  - Phil's on a mission. Phil doesn't hold back. Maybe he's even a bit crazy. But maybe he's just got a point. Lighthearted, satirical but topical.

Would you like an experience with that?- Two bored teenagers in a country town bully a middle age man.

The First and Last Time - Sliding Scale of Sexuality - A man is a porn star. In gay films. Only thing is. He's not gay.

Don't bring me down - A flood hits a small town, faster than some can cope with. A woman tries her luck at crossing the bridge in her car, despite the warnings. A crowd watch on. Will she make it?

Creatures of Habitual - Her entire life was driven by routine, until one night, her cat runs away. She decides to go out after him. In her nightie. On a hectic Saturday night.

Plus many more.

Many are based on true incidents, some of which involve me personally. Others which I witnessed, read about or imagined. You'll never know which is which.
Or will you?

More Story Teasers - Part 2 of 2 coming soon.

They came with stars in their eyes 

but not with their feet on the ground.

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  1. People actually find stories behind the Pseudo Stars and this is something interesting and new to know, but you managed to find that perfect story? Share with us.


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