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First look - Pseudo Stars Back Cover Image

Pseudo Stars

They came in droves

With stars in their eyes

But not with their feet on the ground.

This is an odd looking image at first hand, but I didn't want the back cover to be blank.
And I didn't wish to repeat any of the front image.

Also I wanted the reader to discover what all of these little symbols and images mean over time. 

I like the idea that you can slowly decipher meaning, the gift that keeps on giving if you will, unlike say the front cover, which you can absorb in a few seconds. It's of a varying style to the front image, but I tried to ensure that we kept the same colour scheme. Lots of blues, purples and blacks.

The artist for this piece is Marjo Klingenberg, who lives in the Netherlands. It took us quite a while to get to the end. It was all done via email. So I thank her for her patience and hard work.

I can tell you that at least twelve stories are represented here. Or is it thirteen? Hmm
I hope when you read the book, you'll have fun working it out for yourself.

Book out soon!

Pseudo Stars

1 comment:

  1. I'm so proud of you. The back cover is really intriguing, as is the front.
    I'm going to order this one, Anthony.
    Big time Congratulations! Cheers and love to you!


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