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Bill Cosby's Super Cocktail Secret!

You’ve heard of The Harvey Wallbanger.

Now we can present The Cosby Bedbanger!

Hey, hey hey! I got my eye on you!

One sip and you’ll have 

the best sleep ever!

You’ll wake up 

feeling somehow 

different, but you can’t 

quite put your finger 
on why...

Before you know it you’ll be performing 

real quotes from the  Cosby Show with 

such lines as… "If anybody hits her, it'll be

 an improvement,” and “You can 'walk' 

your sister... down to my 

room and get her cleaned up!”

       You may even break out into song. 

          "Hey Hey Hey! It’s Hooorny Albert!"

The Cosby Bedbanger!

It’ll knock your socks off!

(pants too!)

Once you try his black, you'll never leave his sack!

The 'Father' of TV, will add you to his C.V.!

Where's that handgrip? Hey Hey Hey!

Original '60's album. Yep, that's a real title.
Why didn't we see the clues?  

I came across this at a Salvation Army Depot. If I'd had a dollar I would have bought it. 
(I lie. I had a dollar. It wasn't worth it).

Being serious now, if this man was not a celebrity he would have already been jailed for fifty years.

It's sickening.
Same with Rolf Harris.
Same with Cardinal George Pell.
And all the rest.

What a insult to his victims.

Next post, back to something more positive.

More Satire Bytes.

(Update : Sept '18. Cosby has just been jailed. His three year sentence is a joke. Celebrity status still rules. He won't serve that long either. That's part of the tragedy. Ask O.J.)

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  1. You're going to Hell for writing this, and I'll be with you for laughing so hard. Great job, Mate!

    1. Haha Thank you Clamzilla. Glad you enjoyed it. Bill certainly did!


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