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A Dad and Daughter Mini Holiday - Kiama

KIAMA Blowhole NSW 

6 year old's Holiday 

Grab a drink, relax and simply enjoy nature combined with music.

Kiama is situated approximately two hours train journey south of Sydney.
Simply my daughter and I. A quiet few days away. Not long enough, but still very nice.


Seeing the Blowhole (though not at it's peak)
Whales from a distance
Stingray's up close
Chatting to strangers
Kiama Village
Great music!
General fun

Songs: (in order)

Amy Shark - Weekends,
Richard Ashcroft - They don't own me,
Soundtrack - The Big Blue - Eric Sierra,
Band of Horses - Hag,
Yukar - Am I Dreaming.

Something a bit different from me. Hope you enjoyed it.

Beautiful simple, 7 Pillars of Love


  1. Everything about this one is beautiful. That's her? A 6 year old? I can hardly believe it.

    Love to you and yours.

    1. Thank you Robyn. You didn't have any issues with vision or audio then? People here couldn't watch it.

  2. Just beautiful great photos. What lovely memories to have when she gets older. Miss her. xxxx

    1. Thanks Hel. x Yes I hope so. Did you watch the video?

  3. Great photos and video Anthony!
    It looks like the whole family was having a nice time.

  4. You seem to have a great kid. I have always been interested in what Kiama since I went past it in a bus on the way to Brisbane, it looked beautiful then. It obviously gets cold this time of year from your video. Lovely clear water. You wouldn't know what the fishing is like? And the swimming in summer.


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