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Dinosaurs to the Moon - An original 90's video available first time

History of Earth

Pre internet so footage was sourced from several doco's recorded on vhs, and the tv reception was not great. 

It's essentially a very big story in five minutes. I quite like the way it turned out, quality aside, the editing holds up as does the wonderful music of Phillip Glass.

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  2. Hi Anthony.

    I was not sure why you started with pictures of Jupiter and then Saturn. Were you trying to say that Earth started as a gas giant and then coalesced (great word that, I think it is the first time I ever wrote it) into a rock. I was waiting for an alien to appear at the top of the waterfall and slash its wrists :). The music was appropriate.

  3. That was pretty cool Anthony! I wish they would used something like this in school, instead lecturing.


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