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Second sight

Did you know that was going  to happen?


I knew that it would happen

I just knew it

I had a feeling

I long suspected

I lost track

Fell off the rails

Fell off the bandwagon

Joined the posse

In the hunt

For salvation

Which always arrives

As scripted

Just not

In real life.

The Premonition by Michael Vincent Manalo 

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  1. True. Always as scripted.
    Another prolific, terse gem for us. Thanks, friend.
    The picture (painting? photo?) is beautiful.
    Be well.

  2. I guess you just have to trust your intuition. I know that mine isn't always right, but I'm not willing to take that risk (relating to just about every subject).

  3. That got a laugh from me. Salvation has to be vigorously and mercilessly hunted down.


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