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Insecure / Helpless

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Much of my poetry comes from a place deep within, (you rarely see me writing about birds and landscapes for example) and I'm not ashamed to lay open my raw emotions, revealing a somewhat fragile state.
(Genetics? Upbringing? Nothing so simple?)

Many of us are, but some are better at masking it than others.

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So here it is.
A poem from 2012 that has never been published. 
(like the bulk of my poetry. Not rejected, merely not submitted)

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My Holier than thou has dropped
Scattered from my persona
I’ve given up on the Defence
(A dilapidated fence)
And pretence.

I’m an empty casket
Waiting for a body
I’m nothing new
But a rusted freight train
Barelling towards the shed
Without any goods.

If only the cargo could be loaded
In a way to allow
An event unfamiliar
A complete special offer
A surprise package
Without fabricated trimmings.

I’m weary of my shell
Is there not an Option Two?
Purchase and Check out
Without Checking out.

An enduring sigh
Even knowing why.

Notre Dame 1934

Poetry has sometimes helped me in bouts of depression. Well, I like to think so.
I can look at it, analyse it, and hopefully then put it behind me. Not always successful of course. That's life.

How do you vent?

Next post, a trip down Memory Lane.

Coming Soon,

Some good news.
A new video.
An anniversary.

Always open for suggestions. Please help me out by sharing the work. It's the only way to reach others. And I'm a terrible salesman.

Have a great week.



  1. This made me feel some things that I haven't felt in a while. Your poem took me right there. I can't think of a higher compliment to give you than that.
    When I'm feeling good, and things are going well, I hate the poetry I write. I need the words to come from a darker and deeper place.

    1. That is a great compliment. Thanks Pat.
      It's true for many forms of creative self-expression I think. When you're happy, you're too busy enjoying life to worry. I'm trying some 'happy' poems right now. They're ok. Not as good as the darker ones.

      Cheers my friend.

  2. I'm surprised this one hasn't been published.
    It's another wonderfully human one, Anthony, and I really like the rhythm.

    Good things and thoughts to you, friend. xo


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