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It's going to be hard


You dream
A more fulfilling future.

You can visualise it
Enough to smooth out
Its rough edges.

There’s just that awkward first step
And the many non-perfect ones
To follow.


  1. Your poem actually shocked me a bit, not so much for its content, but because of what it pointed out to me. I don't dream about a future for myself (pretty weird considering I write science fiction). Part of that is due to the course I am doing, which has me stuck firmly in the moment as I try to get all the course work done.

    1. Any impact sounds good to me. Hope you're doing well with it Graham. Noticed your absence of course but you'll be back, bigger and better no doubt. Thanks mate.

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  3. I really like this poem it is so very true - it is always the first steps to change that are the hardest and of course a fear of failing - setting out knowing or accepting that it's a journey that will include missteps is key. Thank you for sharing Anthony


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