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  1. This one kept me thinking all day - I wondered is it? should being Alive be more than that? but then I landed on - No Anthony you are right there is a lot to be said for just appreciating the gift of life itself. The joy we can get from nature and from interacting with wonderful and interesting people for example.

    1. Thank you and of course it can be analysed and broken down. To be alive in one particular part of the world may be torturous. Even in poverty and illness, some people can find hope and happiness. It's simply the luck of the draw. We're born, for the most part healthy and what happens after that is open to many factors. In the West, we have many opportunities. While there's life...

    2. So true - I wonder sometimes if we have lost the art of true gratitude - I have certainly seen people in impoverished circumstances seem happier and more connected than I see here!

  2. I pretty much agree with that, but I know plenty of folks who don't feel that way. Without the promise of an afterlife I truly think they would be lost. Remember the song "Is That All Their Is?" I know others who just seem to be miserable. What a waste of their time.

    Speaking for myself, I'm so happy to have some time here. I'm greatfull for the good times and the bad. The happy times and the sad.

    Very thought provoking Anthony...


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