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Year One - Killing in the name of... - Warning disturbing content

Year One

Cambodia's Killing Fields

A Video

Edited to the soundtrack of the film, The Killing Fields by Mike Oldfield

(Warning, contains disturbing photographs)

If you can't see it above, Watch HERE

The Cambodia Trials continue. (As of March '16)

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  1. A very moving and respectful tribute to an incredibly sad period with horrific events - brilliantly put together Anthony.

    1. Thank you very much Ayela. I appreciate it. Its very upsetting. Horrific.

  2. Very moving, I liked the way you zoomed in and out and along photos, it made them come alive. Very sad what happened there. I often wonder if the secret bombing by the US during the Vietnam war had much to do with their savagery or was it just the ideology and fear. In the end they weakened their country so much that the Vietnamese were just able to stroll in and liberate the place. I wonder about your motivation for creating the video. Was it show that what is happening in Syria has all happened before?

    1. Thanks Graham for watching and commenting. I made it about 18 months ago after I re-watched the film which I always admired. I also had the Mike Oldfield single from the 80's. I did some research this time and watched a couple of documentarys. I was shocked and moved by the pure scale and brutality of it all. These people werent shot or gassed. They were beaten to death. I just felt compelled to make a video. It really gets to me. And yes it can happen again though I wasnt thinking of anyplace in particular.

    2. I thought the film was very well done, very shocking, almost a real like horror film.

  3. Chilling in the worst of ways. But I admire that you don't shy away from delving into such atrocities. We all need to wake up and be aware.

  4. Some of the darkest days of our species. Our fucked up species...
    Powerful and gut-wrenching Anthony.


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