Man sues his sex doll

Man sues his sex doll and her makers.


A North Yorkshire man has reportedly sued his sex doll and her makers, HotBotBooty after finding dissatisfaction with his purchase. 

'She looked great when I first got her,' he said at the preliminary hearing at Fairfax Court on Monday. 'I dressed her up and took her out for dinner. It was a pretty cheap night I can tell you that. Best date I've ever had.'
However after several months, the man tried to return the doll, but was informed it was impossible to do so as the doll had already been 'used.' He claims that the doll did not live up to his expectations and attempted to instigate a refund. 'The first few times we made love, she was very compliant, very considerate, you know, no demands and things like that. But after a while, I mean, she didn't respond to anything, no matter what I did. She just lay there.'

The man chooses to remain anonymous.

The man argued that the company made satisfaction guarantees on all their products. 'I can dump a girlfriend, if I had one, so why can't I dump my Kayla? She's so frustrating. I can't even look at her anymore.'
Kayla is expected to present herself to the court when the hearing continues on the 16th.

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  1. This is so funny. Are you the anonymous man, Anthony?
    I wonder how she'll lean in court, and if the lawyers will take her to disposition.
    =) xo

  2. I agree with Robyn very clever and well written. I especially love that he can dump a real girl but is stuck with this one! Women never happy even when they are plastic hey? Loving your satire series - keep it up

  3. Amusing. I would not be surprised if this was a true story in the US.

  4. HA! that is hilarious Anthony. I needed this...

  5. What a story dont know what to say

    1. Haha thanks Scarlett - ill take that as a positive. All in good fun. :)

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