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I'm guilty

Um, er, um, wait! Um... 


Defence-less (the complexities)

Yes I’m guilty
No excuses
Only a basis for decisions
A process for the conclusion
If you wish to hear it.

Any interest in comprehending
All the competing factors?
The tenuous positioning
Made transparent?
Not good enough?

I suppose not.

So what would you like me to say?
I'm stupid?
An asshole?
Aren't all these things par for the course?
I suppose I'll do what's expected
Retreat to my hovel
So you can fire
Agenda laden volleys
Leaving truth to wither
In the cross-fire.

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  1. Very thought provoking poem - it's certainly worth stopping and thinking about how our reactions to others "mistakes" may actually stop us hearing the truth - perhaps at times it is too painful to hear the truth. Thanks for sharing as always

  2. As Ayela says, very thought provoking. Personally I would like to know the reason why. Judging without knowing the motivation is only gonna lead to more excuses. That's unless I am in a shitty mood then fuck off with the excuses.

  3. Hahaha totally with you Graham

  4. Haha nice one Graham. I think a lot of people assume they know the reason why, therefore the judgement, without realising the complexities in every act, gesture etc. Ive been exploring this theme a lot lately.
    thanks for commenting guys - unless ive misunderstood yr motives. ;)

  5. I gotta admit, I often just want the dude to admit "I'm an asshole."
    I like your poem, Anthony.
    Apologies are often inane, but asshole-ownership can help. =)

  6. I like it when poems make me think. You've done that to me on many occasions Anthony. This is one of them. I also like the other comments.

  7. I really love the line "defence-less (the complexities)"

    Also interested by how the image of the labyrinth influenced my reaction to this.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I am very selective about images so I'm glad it resonated with you in some form.


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