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The Horror in Paris - (warning disturbing images)

The Enemy Here



Has grown soft, complacent
Allowing the lunatics to take over the asylum
And spill out onto the streets
Failure to protect
Self-inflicted infection.

Good intentions have revealed our vulnerability
Wish fulfillment of a just society
‘Our unimpaired body’
Have allowed sores to weep
To spread its pus across unblemished skin.

Watch the rhetoric flow
As thick as last time
Promises as inert as another inquest
See you next hubbub.

I make no apologies for the images nor the poem. Candle vigils aren't going to save us.
It's time to get angry. It's time to get tough.


  1. Powerful words and powerful images - what the answer is I am not sure anyone knows. Its a sad and destructive world we inhabit at the moment full of hate.

  2. And there will be a "next" hubbub....
    Powerful stuff Anthony.


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