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What did we do wrong

The excessive unjust

Overused terms such as devastation
Only serve to undermine the unseasoned
Terror, frustration, helplessness
Grief and anxiety
Being experienced by millions of Nepalese
With many more tomorrows
In the pipeline.

Who do you turn to
When there’s no aid much less guidance?

What do you drink
When there is no fresh water?
How to you stay dry and warm
With your house disintegrated?
Buildings on foundations shattered

Ready to break apart.

How do you stop your child from crying
With no promises of better hours?

How do you protect your loved ones
With chaos as bedfellow
And unpredictability as the norm?

How do you find the missing
With communications severed
And roads fractured beyond use?

Infrastructure shattered
Crops ruined
The future is blighted
Yet the focus must be now
Suffering demands it.

Please consider

Donate:  American Red Cross


  1. Thank you, Anthony. I have no words. You said and showed it all: "Suffering demands it."

    Love you.

  2. I keep on wondering what China and India with their massive defense forces and fleets of helicopters are doing. I hope we are just not hearing about all the help they are giving. Or is Nepalese distrust keeping them out? The earthquake will put the country back economically for years.


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