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Muscles and skirts

Penny in the dollar

There are so many stories
In bars alone
Only slivers can be sought
But this guy charged on in
Muscled through obsession
And more than several syringes
(That much effort on your body
Has to detract from other pursuits
Such as intellectual ones)
And though I was quick to categorise him
I also had to acknowledge his expensive suit
(Though slightly too small
To accentuate his efforts)
So I figured that he must have something more going on.

A young woman hung off him
Dark skinned but blonde
With too much makeup
Yet an ass
Inside a skirt
Of upper stratospheric design
To make me forget her bestial companion
Along with other saliva leaking guys.

The problem was
That it was an inner city bohemian haunt
Full of hipsters and artists and fringe dwellers
Where I felt fairly comfortable
But I'm fairly certain the couple weren’t.

They went to the bar
He turned and propped his elbows on it
Staring out to the throng
As if to say
I belong here as much as you 
Try to do something about it.

I kinda got the feeling
That attention was what he was after
And with half the crowd
Pretending not to look
At his girl’s legs
He got what he came for.

After one swift drink
He forged his own path
Straight out of there
Light on conversation
But heavy on attitude.

Suddenly we were all united
As though the whole place sighed
Even the walls felt better off
Without him
He wasn't our kind
but he was a kind
and I found myself smiling
As who doesn't secretly admire
A well-placed
Fuck you.

x-ray-photography-nick-veasey-chicquero-middle-finger-fuck-you.jpg (800×961)

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1 comment:

  1. A nice little twist at the end. Sounds like the regulars were a bit bored with the regulars too.


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