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Three little words - Shared by many

Lane locked

Is it better to ask questions
Or provide answers?
You can lead someone to the truth
But you can’t make them contemplate it
Stubborn is the horse that bit the feeder
Bold in print
Still requires a reader.

It’s hard to envisage the distant future
When we are stuck in the present
It’s impossible to embrace new ideologies
If what we know is so ingrained
That we clutch it - hell-bent.

When the option preferred is to blame everyone else
Than to consider decisions made prior
Squinting one way through Perspex walls
Dig in
Rather than inquire.

The prospect of contemplation
Surely equates to no small amount of perspiration
Easier with three little words
No fuck given.


  1. Lol at the failure to give a fuck gizmo. Your poem really resonated - When the preferred option is to blame everyone else - yep it's their fault the world is not a better place. I like to think I weigh up the information on controversial subjects, and will change my opinion if new information that makes my old opinion redundant comes along. But I do seem to be getting into debates with people who can't see the logic of mine. I detest people who say we will just have to agree to disagree, that to me is refusal to change an opinion when new evidence is presented. Anyway, your poem resonated.

  2. Let's face it, earthlings are stupid!
    Nice one Anthony. Love the windows "give a fuck" box....


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