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You should ask the big questions

Inside out is not the way to live

You pose the big questions
Receive few answers.

Those who commit
Make it stick
While those who need (daresay deserve) it most
Slip into the trough
Of insecurity
Tumbling, languishing
Brilliant yet flawed.

Masks have their place
No need to strip everything back
Facing fears is a T-shirt slogan
Salvation does not always wait
Under agony stripped layers
Merely exposes more flesh
And pulsing vulnerability.

Leave me now
And dripping
A squirming, spiralling cocoon
As long as there is opportunity
To create

More Mistakes.

Comments, thoughts, always welcomed. (Unless by trolls. You guys need counselling)

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  1. No one would survive without their masks. To me, life is about the strugle to find answers to the big questions. Facing fears has a lot to do with giving in to peer group pressure. I would prefer the peerers to fuck off so I can live my life my way, partly examined and very flawed.

  2. Well said. I concur. To think of the things teenagers do to satisfy the 'peer'.

  3. There's so much here to chew on. Very well done, Anthony.
    I try not to pose big questions. There aren't answers.

    PS LOL, damn trolls do need counselling. I'm so fed-up with them.

    Love you.


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