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The things we do for love

Max Liebermann

Love like blood

There’s blood across the kitchen
All over me
Barry Carberry
My guts are hanging out
And I’m trailing the past behind.

Slimy broken relationships
Sinuous and weeping
Failures caustic, red hot
I’ve tried to make amends
Yet it’s still not satisfactory.

So I say, it’s all here
Laid out bare
What else do you want?

You’re hiding something, she insists
You asshole!
Why do you do this to me?

What are you talking about? I have nothing left to give.
My entrails slop onto the floor and my legs give way.

I should be enough for you!

You are but…

What do you need friends for? Female friends?

I don’t care about them anymore. Or anyone. I swear.


My hip disintegrates and my spine wriggles on the floor
Like a bony snake.
I just need something for myself.

You selfish bastard!

Defeated, my heart flops like a deflated puffer fish
Trying to swim away
I scoop it up and shove it back in the muck
But it doesn't fit anymore.

God you are so narcissistic.

Maybe. I guess. But …

No fucking buts. I’ve had it.

*coughing* I think I have to.

Only thinking of yourself. So typical.

Time for one last thought.

She’s still not happy.

Feel free to replace Woman with Man or Man with Man or Woman with Woman. You know the drill (to the head).

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  1. Some very savage imagery in a very savage poem. Revealing yourself can be savage. I can't help thinking what an insightful and terrifying filmed skit this woud make.

  2. speechless... very vivid. Thank you for giving this to us.

  3. Wow! It started out brutal and became more so as I read.
    I was about ready to hyperventilate by the time I was done.
    Very strong writing Anthony.


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