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War, war, what is it bad for...

Everything old is new again.

A video response to the situation in North Korea - April 2013

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  1. Kerry's hair is atrocious, but so is Kim's. I say, give each of them a pair of scissors (or a lawn mower) and let them go at each other.


  2. Thats pretty scary. I don't like war and stuff at all

  3. No, it's pretty scary alright. We should all be a little worried.

  4. It is scary for the world and so very sad for the people of that country. It's by far the most oppressive government in the world. The "citizens" of N. Korea have no idea how the rest of the people in the world live. They aren't allowed ANY outside news or information at all. The good news about the scary part is that you KNOW China is getting pissed because N. Korea is threatening their best customer countries. Crazy stuff...


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