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Caged without Walls - First look cover art


Poetry collection

The artwork has been created by Sydney artist Joanna Gambotto.  

We discussed the mood of the book and some of the themes expressed, all falling under the banner of the title. She also read quite a number of the poems. I wanted her to have some free reign, to have input and when she came back with this first design, it was more than I could have hoped for. In fact, this is likely to be the image for the back cover. The publisher is still in the process of designing the covers but I did want to share it with you.

What do you think?



  1. And I was hoping your cover would be a semi-clad amazon holding a big gun.

    The image suggests a very dark collection of poems. Darker than perhaps the poems you put up on this site. The art work suggest a professional collection though.

    I have not picked up a poetry book in years so I have no idea what their covers are like.

  2. Thanks Graham - they are usually pictures of landscape, birds, what you expect - to be honest, I don't read that much poetry either as most doesn't interest me - a post for another time.

    Some of it is dark to be sure, but there are some lighthearted ones in there - again, it's accessible - poetry for the people if you will.

  3. likely to make people curious - and I agree with Graham that it suggests very dark works - which is a good thing I think

  4. It's dark and powerful. I like it.


  5. Am so looking forward to holding a copy A.

  6. Thank you Graham, Robyn and Anon. Looking forward to it myself.

  7. LOVE the cover Anthony! Dark is good...


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