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Alienation Prevails

Something lurks.

 A Video Poem.

Perhaps suitable after last week's posting on the Jodi Arias trial.

Coming soon,

News on my upcoming book, Caged Without Walls.
Many more poems and videos to come throughout the year plus a series on legends.

Until then,
Beware the moon and stay off the moors.


  1. Of all your video poems, this one is probably the best. Not so much for its depth but for the music and pictures matching perfectly with the words. I had to laugh at the scream at the end. I would have thought this was worthy of submitting to a ezine of some type. It would make a great home page video for a horror writer.

  2. Thank you Graham - a big call. Yes, the scream at the end was lighthearted. Surprisingly I have had trouble finding publications for video. I had two accepted at Foliate Oak and another place accepted one and then never put it up.
    Perhaps I'll take another look around.

  3. I agree with Graham. This one is extremely powerful because of the mixture of words and scenes. Excellent combination, Anthony.


  4. Oh thank you Robyn. Wasn't sure how people would take it. Nice to hear. xo


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