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Best Songs of 2012 - #15 Sky On Fire

Handsome Poets - Sky On Fire 


Handomse Poets (love the name) are from the Netherlands. They have had one album released in 2011, self-titled and this is the latest single from their second album, Sky on Fire.

You can hear that beautiful distinctive European accent coming through. It's slightly cheesy but I love the energy of this song; the promise and exuberance of youth. It is well to remember that there is always a new generation just starting out, new hopes, dreams, unblemished by experience (mostly) and ready to take on the world. Good luck to them.

Official site.

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  1. They're adorable, and talented. Thanks for the nice reminder about the young generation.

    Enjoy Christmas, Anthony.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Robyn.xo
    Hope you're having lovely Christmas too.


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