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I promised no more depressing poetry for the remainder of the year and being silly season, pulled out this little ditty written earlier in the year. Completly at odds with most of the poems I've presented throughout the year, I hope you've enjoyed them all regardless.



A better reign Sport

I tied me Kangaroo down
According to Protocol
But he was sporty
And prone to serve his nature.
I sat back and washed my cuts
Waiting for inspiration to strike
But all I got was a kick to the head
That roo had returned
And he was a boxer
Such was his nature.
My Mrs liked a larrikin tune of old
But not an old larrikin
And she washed her hands of me
Though hers were already clean
And I was left with my lacerations.
Bloody and alone
Staring at the palms
Whose creases had been there since birth
Yet could not tell my future
Or I would have used a better rope
On that roo
And a better reign on that woman.
Though she was more storm than rain
And I’ve been through enough downpours already
To care about harnessing burdens
Animal, human or otherwise.
I roo the day
So I try hard to forget
That I’m trying to forget.
That shit can send you hopping mad.
Good luck with your Christmas prep.
Until next time.



  1. How did you find the perfect graphics for this one? A fun, playful read, Anthony.


  2. I got a laugh out of it. It could have been written in the fifties, but I reckon that was your intention.

  3. Yep, it's an old fashioned one. Thanks for dropping by guys.



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