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I did know what to do with myself


I did know what to do with myself

There was a time
Without hesitation
When life changing moments
Were created on instinct
Before now
Before it was all uprooted

Upside down
In a mire of indecision
Contemplating at once
The endless possibilities
Each pathway
With its own spinning combination
Nothing comes easy
Nothing worthwhile
But it is absurd
A shattered
Untraceable trail behind
And no way forwards
Without a death-fuck of errors
Locked into a code
Unable to be released.

All there is
Is stillness
Where no mistakes can be made
Yet no progress either
A myriad of musings
Eroding time.

Coming soon,

A new entry in the series on Greatest Written Films, and the last video poem for 2012.


  1. All there is
    Is stillness
    Where no mistakes can be made
    Yet no progress either.. This is good. Keep it going author!!

  2. Hi, it feels like only a few weeks ago I was here to witness the last poem of the year. But that was 2011, and now it is already 2012, really where did the time go. No progress.

    Your poem is beautiful, in a way I apologise for not visiting in a while. If you come visit me, please look for the post before the last, all today would do, the lilies are beautiful.

    Lisa aka oceangirl aka Live High.

    1. Hi Lisa - yes it has been a while, but it's great to see you again.
      Thanks for your comment - i'll endeavour to get over to your site soon!

  3. Yeah, life was much simpler at one time. The older I get, the more complex life gets. Your words are deep and powerful as always, Anthony.

    Thanks for all your added support as of late.

  4. It sounds like someone had been editing. Writing is all about instinct, editing is all about not wanting to make any errors. Writing is chaos, editing is an attempt to put some order to the chaos. I'm busy creating on instinct at the moment.


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