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Poem - Emotion Bad. Money Good.

You could argue that this isn't really a poem. It's different than what I usually write but it is what it is. Sometimes you just have to get things off your chest.

Emotion Bad. Money Good.

I really don’t like banks
Who does? 
I once complained to a particular Australian bank
Because they sent me sent me a bill
Which happen to arrive on Christmas Eve.
I sent them an email... no big deal
It wasn’t nasty, but I told them I thought it was bad P.R.

A few days later a rep rang me up… of course, while I was on holiday 
Wanting to talk about my complaint.
She came laden with a fistful of attitude
As though, I had a problem and how dare I
I told her calmly I thought it was bad customer relations to send a bill on Christmas Eve...
She said that my credit card bill was due
and couldn’t see the problem,
with no skill in hiding her derision
and perhaps that was the intent.
I guess that’s why she worked for a bank.

Officially speaking, she was right
My card was due
But couldn’t they have sent it a day earlier?
Or postponed it by a day or two?
Of course not.
There’s no emotive consideration to their practices
As though people don’t use emotion when considering their finances
As though people don’t care when their bills turn up
Such as Xmas Eve
And Birthdays
Two basic dates they could easily avoid.

This is why banks suck...
Their greed and coldness insurmountable.

So I grew determined
and paid that card off as quickly as I could.

Unfortunately I still have a credit card
Which I immediately clear to avoid paying interest.

But not with that bank
As they don’t live in my world.

A quick writing update. A poem of mine, Stocktake, has been accepted by The Rusty Nail. I'll link to it when it's up. Another one, The trade off will be published in the Speed Poets zine in November.
A poem I had previously accepted, The Ghost is now on hold. The Midwest Literary Magazine has had its grant severed. It may mean that they will no longer publish it, or anything else. It's a great shame as it looked like a fine publication. In print too. 
The best way out of a disappointment (and I get many rejections) is to keep submitting. I've been writing a lot of poetry lately. Not sure why but if I've got a flow on, who am I to argue.

I've almost finished work on my seventh novel. I know I keep saying that but as most of you know, I have a little girl I look after full-time, (though work 25hrs a week). It's been two and a half years for this novel and I'm keen to finish it. I always have faith that this will be the one but after years of this, I'll merely say, I'm getting ready for the next step, which is trying to find it a home.

My daughter will be two this week. She's an absolute gem, so much fun to be around. I couldn't ask for better. I know I will look back on this period of my life as one of the happiest. 

Until next time,


  1. I have been successfully pissing off my bank for years by always paying my credit card off every month and never paying them interest.

    Speaking of interest, I wondered whether you were writing another novel or just heaps of poems. I seem to remember you mentioning your next book would be a collection of poetry. But after reading The Bottomless River, I very glad to hear you are writing another novel.

  2. Thank you Graham. They are very kind words. I've been so busy with the little one etc that it's very hard to get to any longform writing, so poetry and editing is where its been at for a while now.
    I hope to start another novel next year. Early!
    More on the poetry book soon.



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