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Two in the hand

This week I hand you over to two lovely bloggers.

This first is the funny and talented Robyn Alana Engel, who lives in California. Robyn writes about sex, love, relationships and chocolate. Her blog is called Life by Chocolate. She also writes for the Examiner. She has a very funny series called Dating, based on adverts on dating sites which I recommend if you're up for a laugh. It's hilarious.

She interviewed me last week about my book and writing in general. Short but sweet, rich in chocolate and dripping in humour. You can read it here.

Amy McPherson recently reviewed Bottomless River over on her social commentaries/reviews site which is called, 2 Cents. You can read it here.

As always, if youre interested in a signed copy of the book, you can email me. I can offer cheaper postage options. Or directly from the publisher.

Coming soon,
More poetry, video poetry and perhaps some posts on the writing process as it works for me.
I'm open to ideas.

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  1. I liked the very different chocolate laced interview, and the smiley face.


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